My name is Jørgen Herland. I’m a graphics designer currently employed at TV 2 Norway as a graphics designer and animator.

10 years ago I started learning the principles of 2D and 3D design, with my main focus on 3D modeling and rendering. I also got my first DSRL and spent a lot of time with photography, and most importantly, combining this with my 3D work using a technique called HDR lighting.

After a year building my skillset in photorealistic rendering, I started learning animation. I also began experimenting with fluid dynamics in 3D.

My work in photorealistic rendering has always centered around the HDR rendering techniques. Early on I began shooting my own HDR panoramic images and implementing my CG work within these photos. In 2008 I got my first fisheye-lens and began shooting high-quality HDRs.

In 2010 I enrolled in Noroff Institute in their 3D Design and Animation-class. I continued their 3D Film production the next year.

In 2012 I finished my exams and got a job as a graphics designer and animator at the TV 2 News Dept. A couple of years later TV 2 build a brand new graphics dept. as an extension on their Technology branch and now I work within a larger team of graphics designers serving the whole of TV 2 Norway.

In late 2013 I got in touch with an awesome 3D artist from Australia called Grant Warwick. We started collaborating on his Vray-course in which I was happy to provide my HDR material and insight.

In 2015 we’re in the process of building an online shop for my HDR material and this will be released soon.


Below you can see a selection of my work, taken from my 3D, 2D and Photography galleries. Feel free to filter the images by type.

Curriculum Vitae

Below you'll find my education and employment history.

The beginning

2005 – 2008
Began learning 3D/2D design and photography
2008 – 2010
Began work as freelance artist and photographer


2010 – 2011
3D Design and Animation, Noroff Institute
2011 – 2012
3D Film, Noroff Institute


2012 – 2014
Graphics designer and animator,
TV 2 Norway – News dept.
2014 – Today
Graphics designer and developer,
TV 2 Norway – Technology dept.
2013 – Today
HDR photographer and contributor,
Mastering CGI


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